It’s a big deal for authors to get reviews. And if you hit the magical number of 50 on Amazon amazing things happen – candy rain falls from the sky and and all the leaves on the trees turn into gum drops. OK. OK. That’s not strictly true. But weird and wonderful things happen that lead to the book being more visible and to a first-time author that’s pretty important stuff. I only need eleven more Twister reviews to be on target. I hate to be a bother, so to thank you for going to this trouble, I’m giving away a bumper pack of Twister goodies including badges, a signed postcard and a signed limited edition poster – to the best review of Twister from 2nd January onwards. I’ll pick a winner when I reach 50 – (the number of reviews not when I turn 50 years old). Oh, and even though I’m asking for help with comments online, I’d like to add it’s really important to support your local independent bookshop or library wherever possible. Thank you.

Juliette Forrest